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A 12,9m Sparkman and Stephens sloop, Remington was built in Italy in -71 ´she is fully fitted out with modern navigator as well as safety equipment and snorkeling and fishing gear.The ships libary incl. cultural, historical and natural reference books that enables you to anhance the experience.With itineraries ranging from five days to Langkawi in Malaysia ti three weeks to the Andaman islands of India ,the vast variety of islands and anchorages allows us topursue your desire.The ambiance is casual and with a complete galley and barbecue you can create your own culinary delights.Mr Jim will accompany you to the markets or alternatively a cook can be pre provided .Remington offers quality adventure at a resonable price.Long term rates can be negotiated.

With high season ,Dec-March,rates are as low as 400$us per day

Off season, the rate is 300$us a day,not and drinks